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Muskaan Shipping Sdn. Bhd. which was founded in 2008, has been a feature at Peninsular Malaysian ports since 2008 with regular vessel calls. At that time, the overall Muskaan operations was carried out through an agency network level whereby the agency house was appointed to look after Muskaan Shipping Sdn. Bhd. business in the region. As Muskaan Shipping Sdn. Bhd.'s business grew over the years in tandem with the strong and steady economic growth and politically stable in Malaysia , the need for Muskaan Line to focus on a bigger market in her core shipping business was inevitable. With this challenge, Muskaan entered into a joint venture partnership with local interests to meet the challenges ahead.

Thus, in 2010, Muskaan Shipping Sdn. Bhd. was established. With its headquarters in Port Kelang and branches offices at the country's base ports at Port Kelang, Penang and Pasir Gudang backed up with a network of sub-agents at India, Gulf and Europe, the exclusive Muskaan Line's coverage of the Malaysian market was secured. Today, Muskaan Shipping Sdn. Bhd. has staff strength of 10 throughout Peninsular Malaysia. To support the core business in the Container and Car Carrier traffic, the office automation networking system for communication, documentation and accounting were enhanced to cater for the increasing expectations of its valued customers.

In support of her container services, Muskaan Line Own Container Fleet has an inventory of not less than 1000 units of all types of containers. The containers, widely known as "Muskaan Box" are easily recognized both on the road and at sea on vessels . 'Muskaan' Line operations in Malayisa are fully supported by the Regional Trade Management Offices in Malaysia. With the said principal offices ideally regionalized for the respective international trade lanes and connected in the 'Muskaan' Line global network, prompt and efficient co-ordination of day-to-day shipping requirements are ensured. Muskaan Shipping Sdn. Bhd., in line with 'Muskaan' Line's philosophy and established global network, is fully geared to meet the increasing and demanding expectations of excellence by her valued customers.


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Our intention is to achieve what multinational forwarders cannot; to meet the Critical Success Factors of customers. Our ambition is customer driven - we are very much aware that our customers have a choice as to service provider.


To provide superior service through clear, concise two-way communication. The goal is to build relationships through our flexibility to meet our customer's changing needs. We will show through our experience and knowledge of transportation that you are working with the very best.


"Muskaan" Line's Core Business

Our containership services are used to transport a diverse range of products that are closely related to people's lives from general consumer goods to parts and raw materials. Containership services are offered worldwide through the four hubs of Japan, Asia, Europe and North America, which we position as a core "Muskaan " Line business. We have established world-class alliances with shipping companies in Japan, Germany and Taiwan and operate main East-West routes between Asia and North America, Asia and Europe, and Europe and North America. In addition, we also offer the intra-Asian routes covering the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, and the South-North route linking South America, Australia and Africa with Asia and other regions.

High-Quality Services Aim to Raise Customer Satisfaction

Muskaan Line's containership transport services are distinguished by high-frequency and stable schedules and high-quality service. By focusing all of our energies on meeting diverse customer needs, we have established a solid reputation among leading companies around the world, several of whom have named us Carrier of the Year. "Muskaan" Line services are also characterized by its own infrastructure, including the operation of container terminals—the link between marine and ground-based transportation—in India, the U.S. and Gulf, and two-level, special-purpose trains known as double-stack trains in India

Safety in Navigation and Consideration for the Environment

The most important mission of a transportation carrier is to deliver the freight entrusted to it by its customers to the destination safely and in the same condition it was received. In addition to transporting general container freight, we provide technical support to customers for transporting hazardous materials and over-sized items that cannot be stowed in containers to ensure integrated and safe marine and onshore transport. We also strive to protect the global environment by taking measures such as fuel-efficient cruising to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by ships and using onshore power when ships are docked at our terminal in Long Beach, California to eliminate fuel consumption by our ships


Our services are tailored to meet your needs through the availability of a wide range of trucks, for immediate pick up & delivery for your shipments throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Utilizing multi-modal services (road, rail and water), including our own fleet and an extensive network of nationwide carriers and railroad partnerships, we are able to facilitate a quick response to changing needs.


Muskaan Shipping SDN BHD provides custom brokerage services for all inbound & outbound consignments. Our services include customs clearance for shippers, agents & consignees and coordinating door-to-door delivery.

We can also provide professional consultancy services, specializing in import- export regulations, custom formalities & licensing procedures to provide a prompt service. Muskaan Shipping SDN BHD has invested in IT system to provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) links with customs authorities & local customs agencies.


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