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We hold the prestigious position of being the world's largest lessor of intermodal containers, those standardized steel containers indispensable for the transportation of goods by sea, rail, or road. These intermodal containers are crucial for their efficiency in handling, serving as the primary method for shipping numerous goods and materials across international borders. Our operations in equipment leasing encompass a comprehensive range of activities, including the acquisition, leasing, re-leasing, and eventual sale of various types of intermodal transportation equipment. We also engage in the acquisition of containers from shipping line customers and other container sellers, subsequently reselling these containers to container retailers and users for purposes such as storage or one-way shipments.

Our expansive global operational network positions us as a premier provider of container supply services to our customers. Additionally, our significant scale allows us to operate with the most competitive cost ratios in the industry.

With a formidable fleet comprising over 1500 twenty-foot containers, Muskan Logistic leases its containers to virtually every major container shipping line globally, earning recognition as a prominent container provider to the top global container shipping lines. Through our extensive global network, spanning 15 offices across 5 countries, Muskan Logistic extends access to its containers via approximately 50 third-party owned container depot facilities in these countries.

Our Containers

Our comprehensive container offerings encompass both new and used sea and dry cargo containers, available in various types. Whether you require standard containers or specialized equipment like flat racks, tanks, double-door, or side-door containers, we have a solution to meet your specific needs.

Dry Containers

Utilized in global transportation for items like manufactured components, everyday consumer goods, electronics, and clothing.

Refrigerated Containers

Used for the transportation of perishable items that require specific temperature control, including fresh and frozen foods.

Flat Racks

Deployed for the transportation of large and heavy cargo, including building materials, large equipments and machinery.

Open Tops

Utilized for the transportation of bulky and over-sized cargo, including construction materials and heavy machinery.

Insulated or thermal

These are shipping storage containers equipped with controlled temperature settings, to maintain elevated temperatures.

Tank Containers

Used to transport large quantities of liquid products, especially industrial chemicals, commercial fuels and oils.

Why Choose Us?

Our containers are versatile and compliant with global standards, ideal for sea, truck, rail transportation, and secure storage.

  • Over 15 years of successful experience in the market
  • Team of skilled professionals
  • Containers are always available
  • Wide variety of lease terms
  • Discounts for wholesale and regular customers

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Muskan Tower, Plot no.83, Old Palam Rd, Shiv Park, Kakrola Mor, NEW DELHI - 110078


011 41587468 / 40687469

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